Nero 6 Hangs


For the past 3/4 years I have been using Nero. version 4 then 5, few days back I downloaded the Demo version 6 and many of the components are not working.

  1. CDSpeed, System Information will not even start (Though it will appear in the running program list)
  2. Nero will start burning and it will simply hang at any time between 20% to 80% progress. I have already created 2 coasters and then in further experements I have been using CDRW but have not been successful to burn a CD.
  3. Other components like Slideshow maker also hangs sometimes and works sometime.

Other programs like EAC, Wavelab, Alcohol etc works perfectly and all the previous versions of Nero were also working fine. PLEASE HELP ME.

My system is Asus A7N8X Delux MB with AMD 2000+ DDR400 512MB RAM. Plextor CDR PX-W1210A, Windows 98SE

Hi. I have the same problem. It is something related to a bug that randomly occurs not in all o.s.

The problem is that the task “nero start smart” stays live in task manager even though you have close it. A second instance hangs everything. I have written to Nero techsupport and no answer has been given so far.

I think they don’t know and this is not a common behaviour so nobody in this forum can help us.

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Somehow my problem was solved. When I installed Nero 6 it uninstalled my previous Nero 5.xx . But there was something not properly uninstalled (that is what I assume) and was causing the problems.

I uninstalled Nero 6 then I ran the Clean Tool and it still showed the different Nero components, I selected all to uninstall, rebooted the system and again installed Nero 6 and the broblem vanished. I have not tested all the components but atleast Nero 6 now doesn’t hang when burning CDs.