Nero 6 hangs



Hi friends

I have been using Nero 5 until its last version succesfully.
When I started using Nero 6 I noticed that both in Windows XP, in Windows 2000 and in Windows 2003 Server I experience a sort of hang caused perhaps for a runtime or error that makes NeroStartSmart taks keep alive in task manager every time I open such application.
When Nero started on its Sixth Version a friend of mine gave me a copy of his brand new Nero 6.00.00 and this version worked fine. Nevertheless none of the versions downloaded from Nero homepage from version 6 on, worked like 6.000 and all of them hanged my computer.
I returned to but as far as I was reading threads in another Nero forums this is not a regular behaviour of Nero.
I hope to receive any help from you here because when NeroStartSmart stays a while in task manager, perhaps two or more task accumulated, it hangs my PC.

My specs are

Athlon XP 1.8+
768 MB DDR 333
20GB hdd Seagate Ultra DMA 4 Master
24x BTC CD Rom in Pio Mode as slave of Main HDD
Samsung RW 48 16 48 as secondary master
4 gb HDD Seagate as slave of CDRW
No other recording software installed
O.S. Windows 2003 Server / Windows XP
Internal recording server in both O.S. disabled

Thanks for all of you and Happy New Year


Try turning off SmartStart and disable it form running at startup. It’s probably the real trouble, not Burning ROM.


Thank you Rdgrimes. In fact there is no instance of NeroStartSmart either in Registry or in startup. I have checked that besides in Task Manager.
This morning following your advice I started Nero and shifted from Nero to Nero Express several times with success but I recorded two audio discs with Nero and I noticed that the first track is recorded regularly, the second slow as if you were listening a 78rpm vinile in 16rmp. The third ok, the fourth slow and so on

Any idea?

Thank you


how do you stop SmartStart from coming on when you insert blank media? there used to be an option in “Preferences,” but i cannot seem to find it in the 6.3 version.


It is quite simple.
Click on nero smart start.
at the bottom right there are some buttons.
Click on the second from the right (configure)
and remove the tick from the box ‘launch the appropriate Nero Aplications when a disk is inserted’. Job done.

ChRiS (G)


Can anyone help me.I’m new to all this DVD lark and dont know much about it.Ihave NeroSTARTSMART along with the others set up on my hard drive.
When I come to burning a svcd useing nero my coputer locks up on me every time. Would someone please tell me what im doing wrong