Nero 6 hang at 6%

Hi to all
As I’m a new member I seek your Help and advice
I have been using nero For a long time and recently I made the biggest mistake To Install the latest NERO VERSION 6 Ultra version and has made a big mess on my pc I unistall and re-install 10 Times and my nero is hang at 6% for a long time I have coasters galore (to give away) I spent nearly 50 hours looking for a solution to my prob.but to no avail. I’m Running winxp pro and my burner is sony cd-r/rw crx-220e1 any help will be very much appreciated
Also I can not use any other burning prog like and others. I do not have any other burning prog. on my pc now
any light to my frustration will be my XMAS present to me.

What version are you using? Try upgrading to .19

Welcome to forum -pacos-.

Nero 6 is known for all kind of problems. I advise you to continue use 5.5.10.xx versions. Make some googling and you will find demos of them on nero-ftp.
When reinstall use “Nero clean tool”.

Yes, Nero and EZ CD Coaster dont like each other.

AND, please use search button at top of page. We have had a lot of threads on this issue.:bigsmile:

I think i have solved my problem
I tried and successfully burned 6 cd with a new media i have been using
MEDIA 48x and I think they are are from a bad lot.
I burned with a sony cd-r and have had great success.
Can that be the cause???

NMPAULCP thanks for the interest in to my problem

as pinto2 said , we advise you to use nero as 5.5.x.x is more stable and does not give any problems compared to Nero 6 . this is just purely true comment :slight_smile: