Nero 6 fo Linux

I heard about this software Nero for Linux and thought I would download as I use Nero in Windows XP and thought it would be familiar. However I can not find out how to download. The download button only downloads aPDF Manual. Anyone any ideas.


You could try this section of the forum:

is this the page you went to… .if so by the down load button is says…
NeroLINUX manual
with Kernel configuration

the purchase price is around…

Yes the link you pointed to is correct. I have downloaded the PDF and tried to configure the RPM. As I am new to this I must be doing something wrong.
I do not know where the download programme installed the RPM so I get errors.
Could you point me in the right direction. Fool that I am.
Ta. Steve

have you used rpms to install before? once you know the location of the downloaded file, it shouldnt take much more work :wink: