Nero 6 First to Support DVD-R Dual-Layer Recording



I just posted the article Nero 6 First to Support DVD-R Dual-Layer Recording.

DVD-R Dual-Layer Recording
Integrated into Several Nero 6 Applications
Karlsbad, Germany (February 22, 2005) – Nero,
leaders in digital media technology, announced today that their…

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Are any of you familiar with Stomp RecordNow MAX 4.5? Would that app be able to burn dvd-r dual layer discs?


They rarely update that RMN so in it’s current state i would say no it can’t :X


First ? And VSO CopyToDVD ?


lol, nero was not the first.


detecting DVD-R DL and writing DVD-R DL is a bit of a difference, isn’t it?


no the first program to burn dual layer is 1clickdvd copy 4.1 :d


so where are these -r dl ? and do they cost loadza money ? and who cares? and united we stand ddivided we fall ? ah well off to knock some zzzzzz’s out


Looks like you guys are getting DVD+R DL & DVD-R DL confused.


3 words…Where’s the media? MB


The media is here, now and being used. Some of us have it, most of us don’t. :X


Where do you live?