Nero 6 Express and Nero Vision

Hello I have been having troubles with both for Nero 6.Whenever I try to burn AVI to my blank DVD it’s written sucessfully, but when I check the disc I find out that it justs puts the exact same AVI on there.For Nero Vision it always says my Disc is not compitable for it (I been using Memorex and TMK DVD-R discs,but I heard DVD+R works)Please help!

I’m not really a Nero 6 person, but have you checked the capabilities of the Express version? Maybe there is a plug-in you need to download or something.

Im pretty sure im not missing anything,also how do people get those Audio_TS and Video_TS folders that make the DVD work.

Recode in Nero lets you copy and make most DVDs without the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. But I find it slow.
I use DVD43 with DVD Decrypter - These allow you to make a copy of the files you need in a VIDEO_TS directory on your HD.
Once you have these you can use NeroVision or Recode to finish off (burn) you project.
I’ve just started trying out CloneDVD2 which bypasses all of these steps, so far I am happy with it and will probably buy it.
The advantage of using DVD Decrypter is you can leave a copy of the files on your HD for additional editing and extra copies later. Takes a lot of disc space though, 5-9 gigs per DVD.

Good Luck
Hope this helps

Why thanks I’ll try it out,Im really trying to get a good collection of MST3K lol.

I’ve been using GUI DVDauthor to get a folder with _TS files in it. Then I use Nero’s Recode DVD-Video to burn.

If you rip your AVI files with DVD Shrink into your hard drive then the ripped files would be created into two Directory Video_TS & Audio_TS and then you can take it from there.

OK how do you load avi files with DVD Shrink,it keeps saying failed to open VIDEO_TS.IFO