Nero 6 error:- vob file to large

I tried to make a back up copy of Jason & The Argonauts using DVD Shrink but it fails due to the encryption. I ripped the main film (-menus, extras etc) using DVD decrypter which worked fine, this put the film onto my hard drive (My Videos). When I tried burning the film using Nero an ERROR message keeps appearing telling me the .vob file is too big to burn and must be a maximum size of 2GB. Is there anyway around this or must I split the video in DVD Decrypter and join them up again in Nero? Can I not rip and burn the film using DVD Decrypter? :rolleyes:

is the disc less than 4.7 gb when u rip it it w/ decrypter?

How big are the.vob files?

Good point Nosmartz, as this occured last week I cannot remember the actual size of the .vob file.
It was the first DVD Shrink failure I’ve had, I was suprised at the encyption on that DVD especially as the film was so old.
For future reference if DVD Shrink was to fail on me again which would be the best ‘compression’ software to use?
Incidently I made an analogue recording of the Jason & The Argonauts DVD using a DVD player to DVD recorder and scart lead.
Of course there were no menus and I had to record in real time which was a pain, but the result was still very good.
Difficult to tell the copy from the master. :iagree: