Nero 6 error using drag and!



I am a nOOb when burning DVD…
I have read FAQ’s and posts…
Using a NEC 2500a 1.06. CD -R 4,7GB
I use DVDsrink to make files and compress. No problem I can watch the movie with PowerDVD.

The BIG problem comes when I try to burn in DVDvideo OR DVD UDF/ISO mode with Nero latest version
I have read Guides and tutorials…

When I try to drag files located on my hard Disk to the Nero compilation side, I got and error saying somes files are bigger than 2GB and can’t be used.!!!

I use NTFS file system into the partition where files are stored, and NTFS too for WinXP.

If I burn files in UDF mode only I can drag and drop all files… But my stanlaone layer (old Tokai 723 does not read it).
Can you help me ? What 's wrong with me ?


I’m not sure about DVD Video mode, but the ISO/UDF mode should error with files bigger than 2GB. The ISO filesystem has a file size limit of 2GB, which is one reason why UDF was developed.



Thanks for reply, maybe I don’t use correctly the authoring software because in all guides they says Nero must be used in DVD-Video or UDF/ISO mode in order to burn the DVD -R ??
Only UDF mode does not give me this error.