Nero 6 erases RW DVD and turns it into a coaster

Nero 6 on XP erases a 1X used rewritable DVD and leaves it useless. I assume it needs to be reformatted, but I can’t figure out how to do it.
Thanks for your time,

Maybe it’s less boring than a reformat to try a different software first.

Try to erase your RW discs with ImgBurn :slight_smile:

However, to completely remove nero from your computer, you need to use the nero cleaning tool (available at nero website). A more drastic alternative, is a complete hard disc format and reinstall of Windows.

Thanks Geno
I installed ImgBurn and it was able to find and write an image file to the DVD disk and Windows could see and read the DVD disk. But once I erased that file with ImgBurn, Windows couldn’t see the DVD disk again. So are we talking about a Windows corruption issue here?

Without reformating your hard drive you will always deal with this problem one way or another.

N Ghost to the rescue! Thank you, Guys!

Good Luck and please let’s know how you did resolved the issue.