Nero 6 encoding problems,

Everytime I’ve tried to burn either a VCD or DVD using Nero 6, wether the original file is an .avi, divx, xvid, the computer locks up and it never finishes it. this happens all the time wether I burn directly to disc or write to the hard drive. I’ve used Nero for a couple years now and all of sudden it craps out on me. It’s really beginning to piss me off. I don’t think it’s possible to be a burner or media problem, since it’s not even getting that far. (fyi, I’m using either Taiyo Yuden or HP discs and have a NEC DVD RW ND 3550A.) Any ideas? Thanks.

Have you added any new software lately or updated anything? Any hardware changes? Done anything as far as loading or changing any codecs?

If you have one, you might want to post the NeroHistory log to see if anything might help. Edit out your serial numbers and edit the log to the last couple of burn attempts. You can see where each entry starts and stops.

The thing is the last entry of the history log says “Burn process completed successfully at 12x (16,620 KB/s)”. I don’t think the recent failures are on there since the program never even gets that far, it’s transcoding the file and the computer locks up, so than I have to do a cold restart.
I did load up DVDx for capturing video off of DVD since my Roxio program is also acting strange while doing a capture but that’s a question for a different area. Thanks.

You might want to check the Event Viewer to see if anything shows up there. It just sounds like you are having some kind of conflict, and may take a reinstall of Nero. If you are also using Roxio, Google for that to see what you get. The Roxio stuff should be listed at the bottom of the NeroHistory log. I don’t know what DVDx might have done.

Try to restore your system to month or so back and try to see problem goes away if not uninstall Nero and then clean reinstall it back.