Nero 6 dvdrw disc at once

I keep trying to burn on a dvdrw to back some data up for a project I am working on in adobe premiere. I am trying to burn it on a dvdrw. I am using nero 6 ultra. I keep getting a message saying something about not finding disk at once. I believe I had a problem with nero not wanting to burn a dvdrw before. I can’t remember what I did to solve the problem. It has been sometime since this has happened. I did finally burn an dvdrw, but I am not sure if I eneded up using a different program instead or if I got nero to do it.
Can anyone help me on this? CD data backup is fine, it works.

Try with ImgBurn or CDBurnerXP Pro. Both are free.

Thanks I will Take a look at them. Basicallly my needs are just to backup my video projects to cd or dvdrw just in case of a crash. If one of these two programs will work for my purposes that will be great. I have never really had much luck with nero 6 and especially after an updater. I don’t utilize any of its tools except express and burning rom. What is the best method for completely uninstalling nero? I use Adobe encore for video dvd menu and burn with that for my video projects, so I don’t want to take a chance of conflict from Nero when it comes to using my Encore. I would rather get rid of it if I am not using it. Thanks