Nero 6 dvd problem2

sorry if this got posted already but an error message suggested it did not…

Hello, I am new here - apologies for any ignorance on my part and for this long winded email. I have two drives (a Toshiba CD nurner and a Sony DVD burner). I have used Nero 6 for some time to back up data with no problems.

I found on my last data back up onto DVD that the Writing froze at about 40% completed.
Having messed about for a while and tried a few more I realized that I can burn with no problems onto CD but not onto DVD.

To complicate things further: I use DVD Shrink as well which links to Nero 6 and I can burn with no problems (so it cannot be a DVD drive problem?).

I noticed that the buffer did seem to empty during writing to DVD and guessed it might be an underrun problem but my drive options indicate that the buffer underrun is set to Powerburn. I have tried a few check box alterations there but with no success.

Any ideas at all.
ANY help will be gratefully received.
Thanks Sean

When the buffers empty it’s often caused by the source HD drive being badly fragmented so cannot supply the data to the burner quickly enough. And as we all know defragmenting regularly is a must.

Thanks for that Tim, it did appear that the the disk was badly defragged (probably after an XP recovery incident).
Defragged and all seem to be working well now.