Nero 6 DVd blurred



Dell Inspiron 1100
windows XP Home SP2
Nero 6 v6.6.1.4
NeroVision Express v3.1.0.25
Freecom Classic DVD+/-RW 16x Double Layer external writer

I have been using Nero 6 to burn DVDs for some time with no problems. At the moment about 3 out of 5 discs I burn are very blurred, even though the original image is clear & sharp. While the transcoding is taking place the image in the preview window is sharp.

  1. I have tried using different brand discs - TDK, Philips, Imation
  2. I have tried fast encoding (1 pass) & High Quality (2 pass VBR)
  3. I have tried “determine maximum speed” checked & unchecked

I’ve enclosed screen shots of the Nero CD-DVD speed - although I don’t truly understand the results!! :confused:

Has anyone got any advice as to how to burn without the end result being blurred?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


It appears that your burner won’t let you run a disk quality scan. I wouldn’t be without a burner that won’t scan. It can come in very handy some times. Since you don’t though, go to, and look in their tools section for other software to make a vcd with. Try one of the others and see if you get the same results. Nero is a fair encoding software, but not a good one. It may or may not be the problem. It could also be your media, as the problem is not consistent. None of your media is first class media. You can also try getting some Taiyo Yuden, or Verbatim MCC media and see if that improves things.


The burning part has nothing really to do with it being blurred. If the burn is not good you get skipping, pixelation etc, not blurriness.

The transcoding phase is where the problem is likely to be.

I notice that the images you’ve posted are also blurred. Any connection I wonder.


The images were resized using Nero Photosnap. Maybe it is Nero that is the problem.


If you just save the images from CD-DVD Speed as png files there’s no need to resize or anything. Just upload them as they are.


Could be the disks your using