NERO 6 doesn't work

I have a Dell laptop with a NEC DVD burner. I started with a NEC 5100A which was not recoginized as a DVD burner with ANY program. I tried Sonic, Nero 5 and 6, Roxio 6, and DVD X Copy.

Got it replaced with a NEC ND-6100A ( + drive). NERO sees the new drive as a dvd burner. I have tried to use the recode on video files and with DVD Shrink friles created from DVDs. Before using the recode NERO would reject some of the DVD shrink files, after recode (1 time) NERO will accept all of the files. But it asks to do another recode. The first one took over 2 hours for 1500MB of files. So I haven’t done the second one yet.

When I try to burn a DVD - I’ve used FujiFilm DVD+R/+RW and Verbatim DVD+R discs - NERO says that the media is not accepted then aborts the burn process. I have not tried a DVD-R disc on the new drive yet but on the old one those discs weren’t considered DVD discs. I also don’t want to buy them. I’m at my wits end for this. I just want to burn one DVD that I can play on my DVD Player. Please Help!!

You have the latest version of Nero installed?

Could you post your error log from Nero - it could tell us something about your system.

I have the error log saved but it is too large to upload as an attachment or in the posts. will email to anyone willing to help.

Using a NEC ND3500DL burner and either Nero 6.3 or now 6.6, with AnyDVD, I have had GREAT results resizing and burning my DVD backups with full menus and features. It’s not Nero giving you the problem so good luck in solving this issue.