Nero 6 doesn't recognise my cd writer

Just upgraded to Nero 6 from The only devise recognised by 6 was to burn an image to my HD. Uninstalled 6 and reinstalled 5.5. No problem recognising my external writer. Clicked update on the 6 install to try again with now joy. Still won’t recognise my writer. I have Clone and CDRwin both installed and they still recognise the HP external writer.

Any ideas:bow:


Nero has an auto detect feature that should recognize any recorder installed on a system with Nero. Did you remove Nero 5.5 from the system registry before installing Nero 6? If not try running the Nero clean tool on your system, reboot and try only installing Nero 6 using the latest version on the Nero web site. You can download this Nero clean tool from the Nero web site. Here’s the link:

Nero latest version:

This version will install in the Demo mode. Launch the Nero StartSmart, Click on the Nero Product Center button in the upper left hand corner of the StartSmart. It’s a big red “Nero” button.

In this window you will see a serial number tab. Click the “Enter New” button, type in your Nero 6 serial number and click the plus sign button beside the serial number window to save your serial number into the program.