Nero 6 ........ dead ?!

hi everyone
will ahead update nero 6 in the future or is nero or the last nero 6 ??!! :a
Thanx in advance

I have to say “no” since they created nero 7.xxxx they stopped supporting nero but to me 6 more stable and for my needs suit me fine…if you want the latest version go for it but from my reading of users on here they been haveing lots of problems and upgrades…which 6 did but since they cleaned most of it up it has worked fine for me…so if you want the latest spend the money for it but as for me that last update to nero 6 has worked and keeped me happy.

Thanx for the answer coolcolors as long as nero 6 is stable and working fine to me i don t see the need to update to nero 7 which is 150 mo bigger than nero 6

no problem…I has nero also make sure you download all the other upgrades for nero 6 and its other programs as they might one day just delete all that upgrade. So “[B][U]download them and save them[/U][/B]” for later future when you decide to reinstall your machine you will always have them.