Nero 6 "Data Disk" HELP!

I had to re-everything a family members computer recently. Before I did I made a backup of their “Documents and Settings” area to a DVD using Nero “Data Disk”… Re-formatted and re-installed, etc etc… Only half the files on the “backup” disk are readable. It seems to be folder dependent. Of course the “My Pictures” and “My Documents” folders wont work… but the “Desktop” and “Application data” (stuff I reall don’t need) work fine. What happened to the format of the files?

Text Files look like goobiligook… The pictures all worked from the hard drive when they were burnt… HELP!

The format of the files changed apparently…

example. A desktop.ini file… (strait text) turned into…

ºD,&”—‰Ãø àaì€ ò5ÔiL¶ÝÂ…ÁŒ²JxÆwy(Af’$0ãV8*}»2#æ%ûq0`h@@t

Strait html files look similar.