Nero 6 create a 0 bytes temp files?

Every time when I launch the Nero 6 software, it will create a *.tmp files in my NEC2500A drive.
I am using WinXp and it is very troublesome because after launching it,
i need to manually deleted it.

The file size is 0 byte, anyone having the same problem? :confused:

I’m not sure what you mean by this :confused:
How can a file be created in your NEC2500A?
What exact version of Nero are you running? is out now. I suggest updating.

Yes, Nero has been doing this since version 6 was released. You can set the location of the temp files in preferences, but it will leave 2 of them behind every time you burn. :frowning: Wave editor does it too.

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I am facing the same problem and its irritating. Surely Nero could incorporate a routine which deletes these files once the program is closed or the PC restarted.

Hi …

Doesnt anyone here realise that for several versions now, Nero has NOT been cleaning up after itself after a burn? This happens with mine (I use “Diskspace Strategy” setting) and I think these may be the left overs from the locally cached files.

Our friend is finding them probably in C/Windows/Temp
So this is not a “software forum” issue, it is a Nero issue ; )

See ya : )

I disagree. The 0 byte files are found in the directory specified for Caching in Preferences.