Nero 6 crashes whole PC when burning DVD

Tried several times, Nero crashes when burning videoDVD.
PC freezes and DVD is a coaster. Same when running simulation or recoding full lenth DVD (4.4GB)
Machine: XP2800+, 768 MB, EPOX KM400 MB, Pioneer DVR108, Seagate 160GB.
Win 2K SP4, NTFS. Media: Verbatim 8x DVD-R
Usually freeze happens at 92%, sometimes at 7%.
Smaller DVD:s sometimes burn ok, still. Just wonder why burning over 4GB doesn’t work at all, as the file system is NTFS. Can’t Nero handle that big disks ???


I have no problems burning 4GB+ video DVD compilations with Nero Typically I author a project in NeroVision 3, then burn the resulting .nrg image with BurningROM. How do you go about yours?

My setup is different from yours, the only thing in common being Win2000 w/SP4. Is your biurner hooked up to one of motherboard’s internal IDE ports or a PCI controller card? If it is the motherboard, do you use the stock M$ IDE drivers or the ones supplied by the motherboard chipset’s manufacturer? The stock drivers should be more reliable.

Are there any other drives connected to the same IDE port? Which is master, which is slave?

Do you have DMA on for all your drives? Have yu tried other media?

uncle sam, do you have the most recent firmware for your burner?


Thanks for asking options:
I have the latest firmware for the Pioneer burner, and the burner is connected via mb:s internal IDE port. The drivers are VIA 4in1, latest revision. There is also HP8100 connected to same IDE port as a slave. Pioneer DVD is master. DMA is ok for all drives (acc. to device manager).
I have not tried another media, but the process hangs even when simulating the burn process. (JVC DR-M10 burns every disk of same spindle completely ok) When I check the cache all files in Nero, the crash happens in the beginning of burn (7%).
I’m wondering is there any possibility in the file system to restrict over 4GB files, even the file system is NTFS? The recoding prosess also may hang when I try to compile big files.
W2K is upgrade over W98se, though, and clean install would be quite a big job. But maybe it is the last chance?

Yeah, the Norton AV and Kerio are also running all the time, but still…
Any other burning SW that is more stable than Nero?

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Do you have a SATA hard drive or raid set up?
NERO crashed my system all the time until I installed the Intel application accelerator. now it work perfectly…just do a google on it it …


No, just one single ATA drive.
Now It seems that also DVDdecrypter can crash when burning. Tried also with Norton AV stopped, and at least ten simulation runs went ok. With AV running, four test runs ok, but then crash…

Wipe the hard drive and clean install W2K. Never upgrade on top of W98!

DO NOT add any other driver like VIA after you clean install Windows. Load Nero and retest system. Windows native driver is best. If okay, then you can add other proggies.

NAV is another CRAPWARE.

Is the machine Over-Clocked? Back off memory timings…

Disable real-time virus scanner and uninstall the VIA drivers by deleting IDE channels in Device Manager. Upon the reboot let Windoze install the stock MS IDE drivers. Ideally you would want to do a clean Windoze 2000 install, but you may get away with the above steps if you are not quite ready.

No overclocking (learned years ago…). VIA drivers really that bad? But doesn’t they enable fast AGP transfer? Have to try for the MS IDE drivers.
NAV is the corporate version, so it is propably more stable than normal retail versions. Same scanning engine still, I believe.