Nero 6 cdr writing quality problems

Im doing quality test of my cdr media writen on my computer due firmware updates of my plextor 716A drive.
With 1.04 firmware the cdr quality is ok on nero and on k3b ( cdrecord front-end on linux ), but better on linux.

I use verbatim cdr pastel ( taiyo yuden media ) and the writing quality on nero is worst that linux one.
I burn at same speed and I do a lot of test and always happend the same, disk made on nero have all the look of picture 1 and the cdrecord one the look of the second one.
I upgrade and downgrade nero and stills happening the same, with powerrec on and off and with every kind of compilations ( videocd, data, music ).

On this link is the test with nero:
and on the image the k3b one.

That’s very strange. With my Premium and PX-712A I cannot get such poor results on Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs even with Powerrec off. Admittedly I don’t use Nero for CD-Rs much …

I’d recommend you burn with Plextools Pro instead.

Why plextools I have good quality too, but I want to discover why I have that quality with nero.

Good point. Something is definitely fishy there. I cannot imagine how the choice of software would affect the BLER to such a degree. The only explanation I can think of is that Nero disables PowerRec.

I also do the test with PowerRec off on plextools and k3b I think that don’t use it and the scans looks very good.
I also uninstall every burning software of my windows, reinstall nero and the quality stills bad.
Im going crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

would updating nero help?? just a thought.