Nero 6 CD\DVD Disc Quality is low?

Ive done a few tests in Nero in Nero CD\DVD speed - Disc Quality at 8X and my quailty score sometimes comes up as 62\64%, using NEC 3540 and Datasafe 8X DVD-R (TTG02).

The disks seem to play fine with no skipping or jumping so why is it showing such a low disc quailty and what is an average good quailty score ? and what speed should i test at ?

The ultimate test of a burn is whether the disk plays. 62-64% seems very low to me. I understand that anything over 90% is acceptable. I personally don’t know anything about Datasafe and am not a fan of NEC but I would have thought that scores above 90% should be easily obtainable.

Suggest that you try some other disks - Taiyo Yuden + or - .

post the scan. most likely there are a couple of spikes which are dropping the quality score but most drives will ignore them