NERO 6 Can't Burn CD w/ Program Displayed


Essentially, I am able to create a bootable
DOS CD and DVD disk but I’m unable to
locate the programs that I “added” on to
them after I burned the CD or DVD. This
is what displays when I type “DIR” at the
root directory:

“command com
drdos <dir>
oak <dir>
nr <dir>
wwbmu exe
readme txt
dconfig sys
autodos7 bat”

The 2 CDs and 2 DVDs I made all display the
above directory information.
I also get an error message when I type
“type readme.txt”
"Drive not ready. Abort, Retry, Fail?
We recommend to retry the operation several
times. (Retry)
The drive letter are assigned in order the
particular driver are loaded and starts
with the next free drive letter: " etc

I’m attaching the following diagnostic
files for your review of my last session of
burning a CD of the file EBCD, a recovery
software tool. When I look at the CD with
XP running it does show a file
“EBCD061p.ISO” BUT that file doesn’t show
up when I boot from the CD in DOS.

I’m attaching InfoTool.txt, but I received an error regardingextinfo_off and extinfo_on. “File Type is wrong.” What file type are they?

driver_dir.txt, system_dir.txt,
regenero_dir were not generated by Get Info
Lastly, when I type “wwbmu” the installer
is in German. What is this file? How do I
get it in English?
Thanks for your help.

Wirth Davis