Nero 6 can be so clumsy



Just encountered a new Nero 6.6 bug. Right after finishing a disc write the log window got filled with multiple “device not ready” messages (or something to that tune). Apparently most of the files I were writing weren’t accessible due to their source not being mounted at all. And so I ended up with a nice shiny disc with a whole bunch of files full of 0s. Perfect time for the warnings, no doubt.

(It reminds me of a similar incident with WinOnCD 3, which was actually likeable most of the time).

Can anyone suggest a lightweight alternative (no need for audio/video features) that isn’t CDBurnerXP or InfraRecorder?



Can anyone suggest a lightweight alternative (no need for audio/video features) that isn’t CDBurnerXP or InfraRecorder?[/quote][U][B]Imgburn[/B][/U].


Thanks. It always seemed mainly aimed at writing whole images, but checking it now it appears there are some file-level features. Looks very basic, but still worth a look. (And there’s Win9x support! :slight_smile:


I checked it, and it’s still too basic.

Are there other options?

(Something with a treeview/listview to add files and directories, and with at least Nero-level control of the physical position of files – ECDC4 was the best in this regard, with the ability to manually order all files.)


What is the exact verson of 6.6 do you have? Can you at least tell us what kinda of file you were writing to disk to have that problem? Also what kinda media are you using and what kinda of burner do you have? What O/S are you running? I used nero 6 since it first came out and haven’t had any problems lately burning image files. Also I updated my version to last available version for nero 6. They do have It would be nice to get a screen shot of the error your getting to get a better understanding as what is going on.


I’m not looking to fix it, just to vent (and maybe find alternative software).

If you want to reproduce it (it happens with too, although I think I was using which is the last 6.6 version that doesn’t suffer from a different bug), put some files in a compilation then make them inaccessible before burning (you can just move them someplace else). It happens also when making an image file, so you don’t need actual discs.


Maybe the next time you do vent … you should inform the other readers so…they won’t end up wasting their time responding-when they could be helping others with more pressing issues to resolve. The latest nero is 6.6.15xc. Also if you move files from where you copied from the original location-yes you would get burning problem.


It was also a warning and asking for alternatives. Readers are free not the reply or read at all.

And when files become inaccessible I’d expect a warning [B]before[/B] the write starts.