Nero 6 burning to image recorder query



I use Nero 6 for editing and burning DVD’s that have been made from old analogue camcorder tapes via a DVD recorder, however recently an infuriating intermittent problem has cropped up when I save the Nero image file of the DVD just burnt, the problem being that although I have clicked the “save to recorder” selection box at the top right hand corner of the screen, and at the bottom right hand it states “burn to recorder”, but in many cases when I check on what has been burnt it has only saved it as a “file” and not a Nero disc image, albeit that the file size shown is correct.

Its extremely time consuming to rectify this mistake, as on some occasions I have had to try three times before I see the Disc Image icon indicating that at last it has it properly burnt a “Nero Disc Image” file. (.nrg)

I have uninstalled Nero, used the clean up tool then reinstalled it, but nothing I do seems to have any positive effect as its totally hit and miss if it works first time.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to possible causes, my PC (Pavilion T340 with 2GB RAM) operates on Windows XP.