Nero 6 Burning Problem


I have a problem with Nero 6 and I was hoping that you guys can help me. I just reformat my computer and I install Nero 660_14 in my computer (I think I usually use Nero 5.5 Express). When I tried to burn my a DVD from my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE as it goes to the “VERIFYING” section, it said read error sector … to … And then I tried to check the DVD that I just burn with CDCheck. It said “The Volume does not contain a recognized file system.Please make sure that all required file system drives are loaded and that volume is not corrupted.” I tried to burn it with DVD+R if that helps.

But then I tried to burn it with DVD+RW and it went through the verifying section ok. Then I check it with CDCheck too to make sure, but it had one error. It said that the data is not on the cd anymore.

If anyone can help me with this one, it will be truly appreciated. Thank you very much for your kindness!