Nero 6 Burning Cd-R and DVD+


I bought 100 CD-R’s instead of the DVD+'s that I usually burn.

QUESTION: Can I (and how do I modify comp) use these in Nero 6? I receive a message that I need to modify the Compilation but I can’t figure this out.

Do I need to buy DVD+'s?

I tossed the receipt two days ago.

Thanks for your help, Newbie Steve :sad:

lol , im sorry but if you dont know that you shouldnt use a computer , anyway you cannot burn dvd video to cdr media also you cant burn data that exceeds 703mb , to burn data bigger then 703mb or dvd video you must use dvd media

Well, you can use CD-R to burn data and music.
Obviously you can’t burn DVDs with it.

If you start a new compilation, pick CD instead of DVD in the combobox at the top left in the “New Compilation” window. :slight_smile:

If you are going to do backup copy’s of DVD Movies you need to use DVD’s can not use CD’s

Wow, such negativity. I don’t mind critisism but let’s be CONSTRUCTIVE.

A big thank you KG_Evilboy.

We all started somewhere, and this is the Newbie Forum.

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Unless your drive is only DVD writer not CD that I do not think that is the case, you do not need another DVD writer. Try to make sure, when you go to Nero Burning ROM you have selected CD not DVD or CD/DVD on the top left window of your compilation also make sure on compilation window your drive for burning is selected…