Nero 6 burn 1X

I have nero 6 and I have some 1X DVD blanks that was givin to me and I cannot get nero to burn at 1X it will only burn at 2X can any buddy help becaue when I burn at that speed and play it in my dvd player it pauses alot.

Well if Nero chooses this speed it means that it is the best for that combination of DVD blank disc- DVD recorder.

However you can go the Recorder Menu, Choose recorder, select your dvd recorder, press on Options and uncheck the
“smartburn” or similar check button that exists there. Then you will have all the speed options.

Also update your dvd recorder firmware bios(be carefull with that if you are not experienced).
Also update Nero.

And the last thing is that there might be nothing wrong with nero, recorder or the blank discs. It might be your dvd player that isnnt good enough to read those 1x noname(?you didnt mention brand of disc) discs.

I wrote this reply yesterday and the database problems meant it got eaten.

The things you can turn off in the Nero dialog DGK30 mentions fall into two categories.

The first category are the buffer underrun prevention technologies. They go by various names - though are often just described by Nero as ‘buffer underrun prevention’ or similar. There’s only a handful of cases in which you may want to turn those off - one example is when you’re mastering a disc for duplication, where you’d rather have a buffer underrun than the on-disc artifacts (which these days are very small indeed) of the prevention technology.

The second category could be described as adaptive write strategy technologies. SmartBurn falls into this category - the idea is that the drive monitors the quality of the burn as it goes along, and if it detects that the burn is getting marginal, it will slow down the write operation. If anything, turning these off will increase the speed of the write. However, I suppose it’s possible that they may enable some write strategies that are otherwise disabled.

The most likely answer to my way of thinking is that the drive simply doesn’t have a 1x burn strategy for the type of DVD media you’re using. I know the NEC ND-2500A has no 1x strategies for DVD-R or DVD+R.

This may be the reason why the original poster was given the media. The current crop of 8x DVD writers are really optimised for operation on 4x or faster DVD-R and DVD+R media, and don’t always work that well on 2x and slower media.