Nero 6 and VOB

The objective is to create a file that I can pull in to Adobe Premiere for edit.
I dumped a tape to a Memorex DVD and finalized it.
Nero 6 can see the two files on the DVD but when it captures them it creates “scenes” ending with a black and stop.
I see no “preferences” option to turn off scene detect.
Can anyone advise?
Thanks in advance.
Leo G.

Please be more specific if you want help. Did you use a standalone DVD recorder or a PC-based capture card?

The recorder is a stand alone.

OK… but to be honest you are not giving us a lot to go on, and I would suggest you be a bit more expansive with the details. Why are you using Nero to ‘capture’ a recording from a DVD-Video? It’s a burning or transcoding program.

Try ripping the content with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode, which should extract the MPEG2 recording to your hard drive. Change the ‘.vob’ file extension to ‘.mpg’ and Premiere should import it.

Meanwhile I’ll transfer this to the ‘Video Edit Software’ forum…

Why is Nero even involved? Does Premier not import DVD files directly?

Premiere does not see VOB.

The Nero I have bills itself and an editing program that does burning.
Problem sees to be with version 6.
Maybe my copy, although it is tan original with correct code etc.
Version 7 seems to be working better.

Just an FYI, Nero is not the best for Video stuff. Premiere does it all very well. I would do as much as possible using Premiere. I know that Premiere (depending on your version), can pull in dvd files for editing, etc… Nero is a transcoder, and not an encoder, so I don’t recommend using nero to code video. Some folks like it, but anybody I know who does quality video, will tell you to stay away from Nero. If your version of Premiere won’t handle MPEG video input, you may want to look at something like Womble MPEG Editor.

I have Premiere 6 and the first Pro.
Will research this weekend.
Only need Nero to grab the VOB and resave as AVi to edit.
Thanks for the comments.

You’re really going the long way around the barn. You can do basic editing without re-encoding anything in a good authoring tool, which would be the preferred method. What you’re doing will result in 2-3 re-encodes and a considerable loss in quality and time. You can also do more complex editing on MPEG, which is what you have. I find it hard to believe that Premier won’t import a DVD, but I don’t use it. If you have but one VOB, simply re-name it to .mpg. If you want to create a single VOB, I’d use DVDShrink to rip the original into one file.