Nero 6 and user permissions



I have a problem with Nero Burning Rom V6.3.1.20 when using both the administrator and a user account :a The exact text of the error is:
Under Windows NT4 administrator rights are required by Nero to access CD Recorders and CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives. Please ask your system administrator for permission to use Nero.
System CD Reader is: Lite-On LTR-52327S
System OS: Windows 2000 Pro Corporate SP4

I have tried Nero BurnRights with no success. The drive is only a month old and worked fine when Roxio was installed. Roxio has been uninstalled along with their packet writing software and registry cleaned. :confused:



As i stated in the second paragraph, I had tried Nero BurnRights which provided no improvement to the situation. :a I am still looking for a solution but may have to abandon Nero on this machine. I will not reimage just because one app refuses to perform as advertised. Others still work, I just like to stick with one burning app for every day use on all my computers.