Nero 6 and Roxio conflict?

On WinXP I already had Roxio installed. I installed Nero 6 that came with the burner and the computer froze up. I managed to uninstall Nero 6 and got back to normal.
Do I have to choose one or the other? If so, which is recommeded? I kinda liked Roxio for organizing pics.

you got too much crap loading with Windows ?

I have both installed and they work fine…

Come to think of it I had Nero installed first, then Roxio.

Maybe you want to uninstall both and install Nero first?

I believe Nero installs its own ASPI layer - maybe that has something to do with it.

Thanks for the responses. I dunno how to tell how much is too much, but I do have a lot. It wasn’t a problem of being slow though, it wouldn’t reboot at all. First chance I had to get Nero off I uninstalled it. Maybe I’ll try taking both of and installing Nero first.

I had the same problem…i think the drives conflicted with each other…i got rid of roxio…and use nero6…but i burn a lot of movies…maybe if you only do pictures, and your comfortable with roxio…get rid of nero…but i love nero to burn movies and music :O))

i use them both thro i much prefer nero,i have creamater on becous i like videowave