Nero 6 and register plugins, lame,ogg,etc?

have nero 6 retail full version and just updated to 6.3.

read here and elsewhere about the need to register the mps (lame?) plugin and ogg plugin within 60 days?

well i have the nero mp3 plugin which i bought.

find nowhere to “register” these plugins mentioned and i assume it was the lame mp3 and the ogg ones?

i am in usa.


There are instructions on Ahead’s website for how to register the LAME plugin…

But I can top that. Even though the plugin .dll installed into my plugins folder, Nero Express doesn’t see it… therefore I can’t click on it to register it…

Finally… did you know LAME is open source freeware? Excellent freeware, to be sure… but free to all in various incarnations, WinLame being the most recognized for quality. Just thought it was a little sneaky of Ahead, to make it sound like we were getting something really special…

Hope This Helps, BK.

yea i know its been around for a few years and i use it all the time.

trouble is when i do what that page says to do it just encodes it …no registration window?

anyone else?


Same for me…there is also a thread running at:

There are a few Ahead employees that hang out and oftentimes post back…they even take the info and act on it…



Thx for the tip! I’m there.

Merry Xmas, BK.

By the way, there is a new test version of the audio transcoder winLAME available that has been updated with multichannel support and more codecs, among them FAAC v1.24, the open source AAC/MP4 encoder:

You can read more about its further development and report any bugs you may find in this thread: