Nero 6 and PowerDVD 5 problem

When both installed i encounter that Nero refuses to burn the last few minutes of a DVD when I do a Disk Copy (it is not an “on the fly” copy).

When i first copy the files to the HD and then write a DVD it is all fine. After uninstalling PowerDVD Nero disk copies fine too.

Is there anyone who hit the problem and has a solution ??

i dont have that problem

what versions do you run ?
I use Nero & PowerDVD 5.0 on XP-pro + sp1.

Somehow the bloody thing falls back to this annoying feature - even with P-DVD uninstalled i discovered this evening.
Over the weekend I reformatted my disk to be sure it was clean - i have hardly something installed.
Hows this possible…

Shall i better switch back to nero ?

i use, nero 6.3.00 PowerDVD 5.0 on XP-Pro + SP1


could you make me a screen shot of the processes running on your system - maybe that gives me a lead



Why does this *~%&$&§ Nero (at least Recode) install a castrated version of
BSPlayer without user interaction?
And why does Nero mess up my installed DivX codec by installing
an older one (5.0.4)? Of cource without user interaction, too…
:frowning: :a

yeah i have similar problems … nero installs codecs without asking me if i want them.

Is there alternative way of installation with avaliable choses of wich features to install??!


Sound like you may have something else conflicting on your system. Can you forward me a copy of the Nero log file and Nero info tool file. Send files to my tech support e-mail address.