Nero 6 and Piobeer DVR-109 problems

I have trusted in Nero for a number of years, and have just purchased a Pioneer DVR-109.
Now my experience with Nero has become bad.
i am running nero, and it does not seem to burn DVD-R disks correctly. Problems seem to exist at the start area of the disk, perhaps the lead-in ?
Burned disks (backups of my DVD collection) will not read in my Lite-on DVD-ROM drive or on my setup DVD players.
This seems to be the same problem that many people have experienced recently (see the Pioneer forum), even with Nero
Nero seems to work fine with the DVD+R disks, but not the DVD-R disks.
Hope that the next version of Nero will fix the problem.


I have the same problem. It has to be a software problem because Sonic Recordnow 4.5 with .dll files to match the Pioneer dvr-109 work perfectly. All the disks can be recognized.

Nero developers, Can we get a fix for this? Thanks for all your work…