Nero 6 and Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD Conflicts!

I posted this in another thread to help someone out after getting loads and errors with Nero 6…

Hope the info helps…


Theres no easy way to flush the registry other than search for the entries and delete them manually.

I have now found a way to get Pinnacle Instant CD\DVD version 8 and Nero to happily live together :smiley:

All the steps in the below process may not be needed but its the one I tried and it did work :-

  1. Un-install all CD writing software - In my case it was Nero, Pinnacle and RecordNow DX - Reboot.
  2. Delete the following folders if still present - “C:\Program Files\Ahead” “C:\Program Files\Pinnacle” “C:\Program Files\VERITAS Software” - if “C” is where you installed them.
  3. Clean out the registry - if you are not sure how to do this find one of the many guides and be careful! I searched for the keywords “ahead” “pinnacle” & “veritas” and deleted the entries I found.
  4. Remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:
    More info can be found here - - Reboot.
  5. Now re-install the Pinnacle Suite - Reboot as requested.
  6. I could never get Pinnacle Instant Drive to work, it say’s its mounted the image, but the virtual drives remains blank! Pinnacle state its a known issue - documented here -*&p_li=
    But it still does not work, so I disable it. Go to device manager and disable “VOB Instant Drive Controller” - mine is under SCSI and Raid Controllers. - reboot.
  7. Now re-install Nero - reboot.
  8. You will now get that Pinnacle check message asking you if you want to fix the issue - SAY NO - and put a tick in the dont ask me again!
  9. Now re-install any other CD/DVD writing software you have, if the Pinnacle Check comes up again at any time say “NO”.
  10. Nero & Pinnacle should now be fully working.

I hope the above helps and good luck :cool:



You Seem To Have Figured Out The Problem And Going To Try This. But Have A Question. Using A V-stream Capture Card And Now It Is Saying That That My Vob Instant Drive Controller Card Is Not Working. Stupid Question What Is My Vob Instant Drive Controller. I Need To Figure This Out Before I Try What You Recommend. New At This And Live In A Small Town And No One Seems To Know Anything About Video Around Here.