Nero 6 and nVidia IDE driver problems?

I recently took the plunge and installed the latest nVidia NForce motherboard drivers on my Asus A7N8X non deluxe mobo. Ever since then I’ve had 2 issues with Nero First when I try to use the disc quality test in cd speed it craps out after the drive reaches speed. The second problem is that when I close Nero after a successfull burn I get an error saying that it cannot read memory and the application will close. I suspect that installing the nVidia IDE controller might be the culprit but when I roll back to the standard MS version the problem remains. Or could this be a version .15 issue?

nvidia nforce drivers can couse such problems, uninstalling should work

Definately sounds like the IDE drivers. I have a similar motherboard and have the standard drivers installed. I don’t have any problems like that.

The standard nvidia drivers should be fine, it’s the SW’s that much everything up, you can re-install the ide’s but when it asks if you want to install the SW’s just say no.

Well I went back to the MS drivers and the problem is gone. But now there is a new version of the nVidia drivers. Do I chance it again? Nah.