Nero 6 and GIGAREC recording (PLEXTOR)

As anybody experience in burning a GIGAREC disc with the new NERO 6 using the Plextor PREMIUM CD-burner ??

GIGAREC is a new technology introduced with the Plextor Premium drive that allows you to expand the capacity of a normal 80 minute (700 MB) CD-R disc up to 111 minutes (or almost 1GB of data)

The main question is:

  • do the settings of Nero 6 allow to do that easily and after

  • on which drive (except on the drive you burned it) can you read the burned Gigarec disc.
    The preview of the Plextor dual DVD burner PX-708A says that the drive can read a such Gigarec disc but what about
    a normal CD-ROM drive like the new Plextor PX-54TA
    or DVD ROM drive such as the nex Plextor PX-116A or the Toshiba SD-M1712 or SD-M1802 ?

    I cannot imagine that it is possible to read a Gigarec disc on ANY EXISTING “living-room” DVD Player and what about if it is recoded in DivX or with the new Nero Digital Recode 2 ??

Don’t answer me that is it easier to get a DVD burner to do so , my aim is to find a solution to back-up a DVD video with a good quality and
without using a DVD Recorder at all !
without using a DVD Recorder at all !

they work in standalone players to .

I just burned a gigarec disc using a plextor 716A … 850mb It worked in my Phillips DVP642 (it was a divx movie file) It didn’t play in my old plextor 8/20 cdburner but i don’t think that even reads RW… will try it in another pc and get back to you

I have burned some CD-Rs with GigaRec on my Plextor PX-712A.

My experience is based on a limited amount of burns and just a couple of other reading drives - a NEC ND-3500AG DVD+/-RW drive, a Matshita DVD-ROM SR-8175 and a Sony CDP-XB930 CD Player.

With the right media GigaRec x1.2 works quite well, but not all of my CD-R work well with GigaRec > x1.

GigaRec x1.3 works with very few of my CD-R media, and even for the best of those it doesn’t generally read back well in other drives.

GigaRec x1.4 is not possible with the PX-712A, but my guess is that it would only be readable in another GigaRec capable drive.

GigaRec x0.8 is capable of turning one of my horrendously crappy media into acceptable burns: TDK d-view 12x CD-R 700MB burns really really badly on all of my three burners at any speed with many C2 errors and loads of C1 errors, but if burned with GigaRec x0.8 it becomes quite acceptable.

I did not try GigaRec x0.7 or x0.6.

The media I tried that sort-of-worked with GigaRec x1.3:

[li]Fujifilm CD-R 52x 700MB (Fuji Photo Film type 5)[/li][li]Imation CD-R 52x 700MB (Moser Baer India type 6)[/li][/ul]The media I tried that worked well with GigaRec x1.2:

[li]Fujifilm CD-R 12x 650MB (Ritek type 2)[/li][li]Imation CD-R 52x 700MB (Moser Baer India type 6)[/li][/ul]Media that worked so-so with GigaRec x1.2:

[li]Kodak Ultima Silver+Gold CD-R 12x 700MB (Eastman Kodak type 5)[/li][/ul]Media that worked unacceptably with GigaRec x1.2:

[li]Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal Super AZO CD-R 52x (MCC type 3)[/li][/ul]Here are some C1/C2 scans of GigaRec burns:

  1. [li]Fujifilm CD-R 52x 700MB GigaRec x1.3[/li]Readable in Matshita drive but not in the NEC drive.
    [li]Imation CD-R 52x 700MB GigaRec x1.3[/li]Only the first 98 minutes readable by NEC drive.
    [li]Imation CD-R 52x 700MB GigaRec x1.2 (good)[/li][li]Verbatim DataLifePlus Crystal Super AZO CD-R 52x GigaRec x1.2[/li]Unacceptable - Only the first 74 minutes readable in Plextor drive!