Nero 6 and errors with new drive

Upgrded to sony crx 230 burner which nero 5.5 would not recognize.Borrowed oem copy of nero 6,burner is recognized but discs are not working correctly.Time code info is displayed wrong,unable to play discs burned unless played straight through.If try to skip track to track discs “freeze” or skip to end.This occurs in all players(computer CD-Rom,home component DVD and CD players and car CD player.)I think it is software rather than hardware issue,but don’t have other burning software available to test this.Any ideas,suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

What media do you use? Copy and paste the complete MID with CD/DVD Speed. What speed do you burn at? Without knowing all the details, I can only suggest you try known quality media (e.g. Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, RiTEK) and burn at no higher than 16X.

If you really think Nero Express is the culprit, you can always try Burrrn or Burn-at-once (both freeware). Lastly, Sony burners are often rebadged Lite-Ons so you may want to ask around in the Lite-On subforum.

Using TDK and Fuji brand media.Speed does not seem to make any difference(tried everything from 8-40X)I really think this is software issue as i can use EAD freeware(slower then molasses) but get accurate burns with all track/subcode info correct.I don’t think I’m up to trying firmware upgrade as I don’t want useless drive if upgrade fails.My daughter uses slightly older version of same drive with nero 5.5 with no issues,making the firmware a likely culprit.