Nero 6 and DVD Decrypter


I’m having issues.

My goal:
Successfully create backups of some data dvds. (there are 3 or 4 .dat files per disc totally roughly 3.5 gb per dvd).
These are non-protected discs, just data, no movies.

My problem:
These pieces of software are failing at reading some of my discs.

Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. I started with Nero 6, just doing a straight dvd-to-dvd copy. Some of the copying attempts were successful, but most produce a ton of “unrecoverable read errors” and nero craps out. (note: some of the dvds have normal wear and tear, but nothing like huge scratches or dig marks).

  2. I downloaded dvddecrypter because I read that I could produce an ISO from the discs and then reburn that ISO to make an “exact copy” of the disc. This process has worked for 10% of the discs that Nero6 couldn’t copy, but there are still discs (again without many scratches or obvious culprits) that won’t get through the “reading” process.

  3. I remember the days of “CloneCD”, so I thought to try “CloneDVD2”, but alas, after attaining that software, found that it will only open “movie” files and won’t do anything with “normal” data dvds.

  4. A friend recommended DVDFabDecrypter, and just like CloneDVD2, I found that it only wants to recognize “movie” stuff - like VIDEO_TS and stuff like that.

Can anyone help or offer some suggestions as to how I get these discs to successfully copy? My “master” discs work fine in their application, so it would seem to me that the computer can recognize the files on the disc, so I don’t understand why it’s having problems reading them upon a copy attempt.