Nero 6 and .avi Files



I have a handful of .avi files that add up to almost the size of a DVD. I use Nero 6 and go to Nero Burning ROM via SmartStart. I make sure all the settings are fine under “New Compilation” and hit “New”. I drag my files into the DVD and burn. Then it burns succesfully but won’t play in my DVD player. Says something like “unidentified disk” or whatever. What should I do?


Unless your DVD player is Divx compatible you’ll have to convert these AVI files to VCD/SVCD or DVD format & burn accordingly.

NeroVision should do this OK for you.


Thanks, my DVD players aren’t DivX compatible.

Will converting the files make them a lot bigger?


Oh yes.
A movie of say 1hr 30mins will fit nicely on a DVD & give decent quality. If you’ve got 45min TV series avi files then going to SVCD & burning to a CD rewritable should be well watchable.
There’s a guides/tutorial section here that might be helpful on converting to VCD/SVCD/DVD format.



I used SmartStart which directed me to Nero Express and my avi files seemed to burn successfully. However, when I inserted my DVD+R, one 1 of 9 files played. The others opened in VLC but there was no video and no volume.

I’m not interested in playing the DVD on my player. I only want to burn as a means of backup and be able to play the AVI files on my computer. 700 MB CD-Rs would be too consuming for these particular files which are 350-400 MB each.

Am I using the wrong application? Isn’t there a way to burn avi files with Nero (for backup only) without having to convert the files?