Nero 6 and Aspect Ratio 2.3:1

I have an AVI file that has an aspect ratio of 2.3:1 and am trying to use Nero VisionExpress and bundled software to create a compliant DVD.

The only option available in Nero is the 4:3 or the 16:9. Anyone know how I can get a different aspect ratio. In the alternative, how do I get the black bars of the video. Can I clip the video in Nero.


“… to create a compliant DVD.”

I think it has to be 4:3 or 16:9 to be a DVD - if you rip a 2.3:1 DVD and look at the picture, it has black bars on it; in other words its 16:9 but only part of the height is used to give the used area the 2.3:1 aspect ratio. I suspect if you choose 16:9 Nero will add the black bars on for you. Might be wrong on this, so don’t take m word for it.

Sorry, I was unclear. I am trying to get rid of the black bars and have the dvd play full screen on an NTSC normal screen.