Nero 6 adding mp3 to dvd main menu screen problem

Im using nero 6se to create a dvd
after choosing “make your own dvd-video” I add my avi file and then start to create my title menu, when it comes to adding my title music i choose an mp3 then move onto the next screen as normal.
when i try to start the burn process I get the message unable to prepare data for recording: prepare session failed: transcoding of video failed.

now this only happens when i add a mp3 to the title otherwise it will burn as normal.

I have looked at the error log and it says cause: 128 getformat cannot get media type.

any help would be good

Try using winamp’s discwriter plugin to write it out as a wav file to your HD, then use the WAV file in nero.

Hopefully it will fix any problems with a poor encoded file/errors in teh file preventing nero from working.

Of course, nero is (useful) bloatware & likely has thousands of bugs.

I have the same problem when trying to burn a DVD in PAL format. This doesn’t happen in NTSC