Nero 6 & 7 Skip Audio CDs

Both version 6 and 7 burn without any problems, but when you listen to the cd on any player (computer, car, home stereo, portable stereo, etc.) there a little hiccups and words skip. I tried the mp3.dll thing and that didnt work. I tried both of my burners (ASUS CRW-5232AX and a ATAPI DVD DD Combo Drive) The only thing that has solved this is Windows Media Player burner and the new Winamp burner. But these take 10+ minutes to burn, when nero only takes 3 minutes. Is there any alternative to a fast burn or how to fix nero? I have the latest firmware for both of my drives.

Found this on another forum:

There is only one fix and it has nothing to do with drive firmware, motherboard drivers, media type etc.

The problem is a single file, ‘mp3PRO.dll’ which you’ll find in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\

The version that comes with Nero 7 is and for whatever reason, its faulty. If you have Nero 6 still, on the CD goto the following directory:

G:\Nero 6 Ultra Edition\Common Files\AudioPlugins\

(Where G:\ is your CD drive) and inside you’ll find ‘mp3PRO.dll’ version Copy this to:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\

And overwrite (backup first just in case you need to revert back for whatever reason) the one already in there.

Guaranteed this will solve all your problems with audio CD’s skipping. Its a temporary fix hopefully, till Nero can sort it properly.

It worked for me! Hope this helps!

A thread on the same issue is also present here (starting from post #16, 4 weeks ago) at CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

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thanks for the help, but none of this worked. The skipping has not stopped

It sounds like this could be due to bad quality burns at high speed (3 minutes in Nero) and OK burns at lower speed (10 minutes in WMP and Winamp).

Try burning your CDs at a slower speed, e.g. 16x or 8x.

I would agree with DrageMester - use Nero to burn but back the recording speed setting off. I was using Nero Express to burn music CD’s using a Plextor 712a. Nero Express burned them at 48x and they played ok on my computer and my CD player but skipped on my wife’s el cheapo RCA portable CD player. I reburned the same compilations using Nero Burning ROM with the speed reduced to 16x and they played ok on the portable.

Damn Nero, I bought new burner thinking that my plex 712 was causing those problems, but now even with BenQ 1655 same problem,
is there any old really stable version of Nero?

i found that roxio 8 works great… the only thing bad is the music skips when u take music from a multiple folders (a mix cd) but if you take all the files from one foler… they burn in about 2 minutes and no skipping. Plus it burns at 256kbps… nice find on my part :slight_smile:

Well, I tried the mp3pro.dll fix offered here after I burned a cd today with Nero 7 on my BQ1640 and it skipped. The fix didn’t work for me. I even backed off the burn speed to 12x and disabled all my antivirus startups and rebooted. I then used Musicmatch Version 8.2 and it worked great. I used the same brand media on every burn.

Nero, never again at this point. This has been a big waste of time and money with no fix in sight. Tech support has also not been helpful.

try this:

after backing up the old files:


in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins directory

replace these files from the zip file above

worked for me…hopefully it works for everyone else…
let me know if the link goes down…i have a backup i can post elsewhere if needed

Try replacing your mp3pro.dll file with a version earlier than I eventually had to go as low as to fix my problem, but it worked in the end.
To test weather your mp3pro.dll version is working without burning another CD that might potentially skip, just play the track (that normally skips) directly in the compilation window. If it plays fine, then the mp3pro.dll file you have resolves your problem and all your Audio CDs from there on will be OK!