Nero 6 & 7 reading problem

Can you help me with this… I have Nero 7 installed (and 6 did the same) and when i am reading a dvd to burn to the same drive, sometimes the reading stops without any message and then i have to cancel the procedure.

Can you guys help me out???

Hello??? Anyone alive??? He he he…

Are the DVDs protected with Macrovision or something? They would have to be DVD-Rom (pressed) to be so.

Try using another dedicated ripper like DVD Decrypter or better yet DVDFab Decrypter.

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He he he. Just corrected the sig… stupid me… he he he. The problem with Nero happens even with backup dvds (without protection). I am copying non-over-the-fly dvds and the drive simply stops reading it… but it lets me abort and start over… Nero does not crash, the drive seems to lose the will to read… he he he.