Nero 6.603 will not burn Data Discs

Since I upgraded to the Ultra Edition of Nero 6, I have been able to burn video DVDs perfectly, but not burn sucessfully any kind of data disc - be it either CD or DVD.
Nero says that my data disc has burned sucessfully, so upon testing the CD / DVD it is assumed all files will work - but all come up as unreadable files, needing an unlisted program to open them. But these files are Mp3 files, and simple .exe files. I am really quite confused.

I have XP, Service Pack 2 (which has compatability issues apparantly), and my drive is a Pioneer 107D.

PC Specs:
P4 2.53Ghz Processor
256MB ATI 9600 Graphics Card
Gigabyte 8IE M/B

Any responses will be GREATLY appreciated!


@ CHFilm
can these discs be read by other drives or on another computer? Do they still have .mp3 and .exe extensions on the new disc? Can you open them with an ‘unlisted program’, or is that just windows asking ‘what program to open’ message? Do the file names change when the new disc is viewed in windows explorer(or is the TOC the same)?

Hey ‘please’,
Files cannot be read on other computers. They don’t have any extensions, and its Windows asking for a ‘what program to open’. File names do not change when viewed in Windows Explorer.
Sorry if my details were a little vague.
Thanks again!

@ CHFilm
The files should have extensions, just windows might not show them in the viewing pane. Can you right click on a file, and choose ‘properties’. There it should say what extension they are. What happens when windows asks ‘what program…’ and you choose your mp3 player for a supposed-mp3 file?

yeah,i’ve encountered the same problem.
I tried to copy a data disc,and it burned fine,but when opened all files are raported damaged.
And few files were divx,and they are damaged too.
Not even txt file can be opened.
Nero Ultra edition?
I still dont get it.
I’m interested,what is it.
Are there more people with the same problem.
I bet on nero,other soft works just fine.
Guess 6.6.x.x is our version.

Nero seems to have major problems burning DVDs.

Check those video DVDs again, will anything after the first half hour or so of the movie play, or does it freeze/crash/go back to the menu?

It appears DVD sessions get corrupted after about 1GB of data. This might now show up if you are burning multisession data discs a little bit at a time, but it will most certainly screw any video disc or disc-to-disc copy.

Ahead is aware of the problem and is working on a fix for the next release. Go back to if you can. If you are using NVE it also has a faulty engine, make sure you roll back to

“Ahead is aware of the problem and is working on a fix”
yeah i’ve expected that.