Nero 6.601 burn speed nec 3500AG OEM

hi, i went through the last few pages looking for a fix to this. i just bought a nec 3500A from newegg and the way they packaged it im afraid it was damaged, i installed it asap and tried burning a dvd. took around 45 mins to encode and about that long to burn at 4x (using 4x media).

anyhow the question is, in Nero burn wizard, it says max write speed (6x). this is with no media in the drive. with 4x media its 4x how do i get it to read 16x?

the secondary channel only has the nec drive and its set to ultra dma mode 2. if it matters in its description is (0:0) same as the HD, but HD is on a sata connection. (HD is running ultra dma mode 5) kinda worried it might be on the same channel.

im running XP sp 2 with 5.12535.0 Nec 3500AG drivers. using dvd shrink 3.2 and nero 6.601.

please dont suggest i just go out and buy some 16x media like all the other threads, because nero should acknowledge the drive being 16x without any media in the bay.

thanks in advance.

go out and buy some 16x media lol

no seriously, nero shows only 1-6x (mine is until you put in disc, then it determines maximum write speed. looks like 4x media can only write at 4x (or unless you upgrade the current firmware, then it MIGHT give you higher speed option)

it usually takes about 45 to 1 hour to encode a dvd (when i use tmpgenc dvd author), i don’t think there’s anything wrong with your drive. if you wanna burn 16x then go out and burn 16x media, put it in, then nero will show you 16x as option, if you want overspeed media, then get some quality media that can be overspeed to 16x like taiyo yuden with latest firmware.

I think that you’re slightly confused here. The drive is 16X. Nero InfoTool will recognize it as such. However, you can’t burn 16X without media that supports it. Some 4X, 8X media will support burning at 16X. The drive will only recognize and allow you to burn 16X if you have such media. Otherwise, you will not get the option to do so. That’s normal for this drive. The same deal applies to cd-rs and not just dvds. Updated firmwares may be important as well. However, the media is the crucial factor.

In addition, make sure that you have your “readers” like cd-roms, dvd-roms and “writers” like cd-rws and dvd-rws on separate ide channels for best performance.
I noticed that you mentioned it takes approximately 45 minutes to burn at 4X. It should in practice take approximately 15 minutes or so. Are you positive that your drive is running in udma mode 2? Check ide channel configuration, cables, pins, etc… on your mainboard and drive. Slave or master configurations, check them as well.

LOL… so all of u guys Nec 3500A drives show as 6x max? (assuming u still have OEM firmware) my main problem is nero doesnt recognize the drive as 16x atm, with no media in the bay it says the drives max as 6x. i look under its properties and see 48x CDR but cant see the dvdR stats.

i only have 1 sata HD and 1 Nec IDE drive on motherboard and yes it says current mode = ultra dma mode 2.

btw thanks scythe / daniel

Under DVD Burn option in Nero you should see: Max, 6X, 5X, 4X, 3X, 2.4X, 2X, 1X. This is normal. Under CD Burn option in Nero you should see Max, 48X, 40X, 32X, 24X, 16X, 8X. This is normal. 16X will only show up if you have 16X media or 4X, 8X, media that can write at 16X. Verbatims (MCC), Ritek, Taiyo Yuden dvds are likely to support 16X burning.

For example, I know for a fact that Verbatim (MCC) DVD-R 4X Digital Movie Reel discs can burn to 8X. While the DVD+R versions will only allow 4X. Point, good media and correct media is crucial if you want to do 16X. Second important thing is good hardware and updated firmware that supports a wider range of 16X media.

The default firmware is 2.16 for this drive. Even then, some media may not allow you to do 16X simply because the firmware doesn’t support it. Even then you will only see Max, 6X, etc… unless you have most importantly media that supports 16X. Firmware upgrades only become important when you want to be able to burn 16X on a wider range of media and media that aren’t typically supported by the default 2.16.

The best way as I mentioned before to see if your drive is correctly recognized by Nero is to use the Nero InfoTool to check it. Nero InfoTool should have been installed when you installed Nero Burning Rom. Look on your list of programs on your desktop where you normally select Nero.

And of course, keep in mind that Nero as far as I know, doesn’t completely support the Nec 3500A. You can figure out the rest from this logic.

BTW: I’m running 2C8 SE firmware.

PS: Use Nero DriveSpeed as well to check

Nero 6.6 shows 6x for me with no dvd in and when i do burn it says unknown burn phase and when it finishes it says unknown burn so i would agree the nec3500 isnt fully supported.Besides that all my burns are good.

thanks so much guys, can breathe better knowin its not damaged =D

I agree/confirm with NScythe. Nero defaults to showing a max 6x speed until the there is a disc inserted. At that point it looks like Nero confirms the supported write speed of the disc witht the burner based on what the burner shows in its media descriptor codes… If it makes you feel better, my Liteon 1633 shows 2.4x as max until I insert some media. If I have the media in first. It will show whaever speed the disc supports… If in doubt set nero to max and when it asks, put the disc in and it will burn at the max rated speed of the disc… Else, put the disc in first, select the speed you want (if you want slower then max disc rated speed) and then hit burn.

This thread addresses a lot of the same questions that I had. I’m using memorex DVD-R rated at 8x and it looks like it’ll take me about 1 hour to burn a DVD (1 hour of footage captured on my Dig8 camcorder transfered to my comp in what I think is AVI format). Is this about the right amount of time?

1 hour sounds right if nero is encoding and authoring the avi to dvd files and then burning,should only take around 9 minutes with 8x dvdr if just straight burning.

Is there a faster way to encode the AVI so that the burning is faster?

Not really,you can buy,try better and more expensive and free encoders and authoring programs but you wont get faster times if it only takes an hour to encode and author and burn a hour avi file.

Thanks. So I guess it’s at least a 2 hour process for me to transfer my old Dig8 tapes. 1 hour to capture, a bit of time to edit, then 1 hour to burn.