Nero 6.6.x.x

Hi, could tell me what is the best version of Nero 6.6?
Everyone knows if nero or or has problems?
And regards to
Excuse me for 1000 questions…

Welcome to CDF, seems to be liked the best by most. I use it all the time with no problems at all. I think I’ve tried them all and it seems best to me. I don’t think you can download it from Nero, just You can get it here . You should also use Nero Clean Tool to remove your old version. You can find it on the same page of the link or at Nero’s website.
Make sure you save your serial # before using Clean Tool!
Unless you have at least 1gig of memory and don’t use DVD Shrink don’t even try
It looks like is now out, I haven’t tried it.

Thanks wobble!! :slight_smile: