Nero 6.6 Wont Reinstall!

I uninstalled nero because it got messed up somehow. I used the general clean tool from nero to uninstall, and now when i go to reinstall it it wont! It comes up with some kinda Nero WebEngine error. HELP ME!

Did you use the “Nero 6 Clean Tool” and the registry and driver cleaner as well as the general clean tool? You might also want to run CCleaner after the uninstall and then reboot before trying to reinstall.

I tried all of those and still didnt work. Heres a pic of what happens when i go to install nero.

What are you trying to reinstall it from, original disc, update programs, the web?

From the original disc.

Very strange, don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. :confused: Maybe someone else has encountered this?
Have you gone to Nero’s website and downloaded the newest update for 6.6.
and tried to install it?


Clean your TEMP folders and try to reinstall it again.


This problem has some thing to do with how you uninstall and clean your computer from troubled version of Nero and clean install the Nero again. Try to Un-install Nero, clean the "Ahead driectory from your windows registry and from your C:\Allprograms and from C:\Documents & setti then install\User\Localsetting\Nero