Nero 6.6 vs. 5.5

What are the advantages of 6.6 over 5.5? I’m new to software advantages so I appreciate your input.

6.6 has more features, recognises more optical drives, allows you to burn Dual Layer DVDs, now has added Lightscribe support, and MANY more.
If you don’t need all the extra stuff, you can use the 5.5. There is many people who still prefer Nero’s 5.5 rather than 6.6. But the 5.5 has many limitations like the ones mentioned above.
Check out the new features:

Depends on what you want to do. With basic data and DVD burning, 5.5 will work if your drive is supported.

If you are already using 5.5, particularly a FULL 5.5 or a pre-“Express” OEM, then upgrading to 6.x is a waste of time, money and hassle.

6 is too blooted n will never work correct ever again until they cut it back down to size n let it do what it was designed to do in first place…Stick to the 5 if it works for you…