Nero 6.6 Ultra won't let me burn



I just had a new hard drive installed after a crash and loaded Nero back up. However, I can’t seem to burn anything (on Nero or other programs) on Nero the Burn button just stays faded all of the time. Please let me know if there’s any files I can post to help out, thanks.


You need to provide a lot more details before anyone is able to start guessing what the problem is: system setup, software versions, type of disc oyu are trying to burn, media codes etc.


Let me say “DITTO” to thamonindew! (Sort of - at least my burn button stays lit)

With the latest version of Nero Burner, I cannot burn an audio file from the harddrive to the CD burner. It stalls after transferring 20-30% with a “write-error.” However, (1) if I use a CD-RW disc, it will burn. and (2) if I have an audio file (already on a CD) and put it in my CD-R bay, Nero WILL copy it to a regular CD-R disc.

I’ve been told by Nero and LG Electronics (the CD manufacturer) to change the brand of media I’m using. Been there, done that and that is not the answer.

Both RealPlayer and Windows Media 9.0 will burn a copy from the harddrive to the CD burner using any brand of media.

Why will Nero not?

My bios was 6 years old and I recently upgraded it. But even that didn’t help.

I’ve noticed that both Harddrive A and Harddrive B AND CD-RW ROM and my CD-R ROM are all connected to the same IDE. Only the floppy is connected separately. Could that be the problem?

One friend said that it sounds like a caching problem and suggested that I burn at 4x instead of 8x. Well, I’ve tried that TOO and that is not the answer.

Any suggestions?


The same answer as to thamonindew: more info is required. What kind of audio files are you trying to burn? What is the media code of the disc you are using? What OS are you running? is it Nero BurningROM or Nero Express? What settings do you use there?