Nero 6.6 ultra and oem cd key

I read here that someone used the cd key that came with their oem version on a downloaded version that then had more features then the oem version.

Can I download the trial version and then use the the cd key on that.

It came with my exernal dvd recorder, I haven’t even looked at it yet, so I have no idea if this even makes any sense.

@ travistee
I believe you can upgrade within a series number(5.0 to 5.5; 6.0 to 6.3) for free, but not between series numbers. Try it and see. I know I saw more info on the nero website

If you apply an OEM key to the download, it becomes a registered OEM version - I’d always recommend noting the key (if you have to read it from the registry), so if you have to reinstall, you can just put the latest of the same major version on, and apply the key to register it.

If any improvements were added to the OEM version, you get them, but not anything else - you can also upgrade an installed OEM/bundle version with the download.

6.6 from 6.0 or 6.3, would offer the shortened leadout option, IF it can be reached using the “Nero Express” interface - I HATE Nero Express - tried switching to it in the full version, and found it clumsy rather than easy - but then I’m used to the full version

So if my oem version is a 6.x then I should install it and then install the update over it?

Is the update going to be free since its the same series ( 6.x)

With your OEM serial number you are only having Nero Express not Nero Burning Rom, if you upgrade that to any downloadable version of Nero won’t work and you still won’t have Nero Burning Rom, the only module would be added NeroVison ExpresSE which does not have the Digital plug-in for DVD burning.

What does Burning Rom do?

The oem version I have has the dvd plugins.

I don’t see burning rom anywhere.

It has Nero Express, Nerovision Express, and Recode.

Nerovision Express seems to be able to make a dvd from the VOB files, but it
loses the menus, and transcodes the files.

I have been using Recode to make DVDs from the video_ts files
that I created in Studio 9. It keeps the menus and doesn’t transcode the files.

If I eventually want to burn multiple DVDs at the same time, what will I need?

You can certainly put the OEM serial number into the download version. This will create shortcuts to all Nero applications (even for ones that are not included in the OEM license,) but only the OEM products will run. You will just get an error message if you try to run other applications.

The Burning ROM program is the “classic” interface of nero. The Express verison is just a wizard. Personally I absolutely detest the ‘wizard burning’ in nero and find that the classic interface is much more simple and powerful. Screenshots of the classic interface are available here.

If you are happy with the wizard interface of Smartstart and Nero Express and don’t need the other Nero Ultra applications, you can just go on using the OEM key and all will be good.